2017-05-13 13:01:08 by Enpax

Hey guys, I made a new video detailing my experiences with gym class and why I hate it. I hope you enjoy.




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2017-05-14 06:34:20

Why don't you put the animation on NG rather than using the front page posts kindly granted you to take people away from the site and to its main competitor?

Enpax responds:

Cuz if I put the animation on Newgrounds it would either be blammed or quickly given a low ass score, prompting even less people to visit my Youtube page. I used to upload here all the time an I still got some followers here, but my new content just isn't fit for this website.


2017-05-14 19:14:00

what are you talking about? your last animations have been FP'd trophy winners. Put your eggs in both baskets.

Enpax responds:

I know it looks like that, but the truth is, the last 2 didn't average above 3.00/5 until weeks later and then they were both deleted for having copyrighted material. They were the Ugly God animation and the Kendrick Lamar animation. In addition, these videos I'm posting on my news feed have almost no animation, they are just alternating ugly drawings. Even if it did get front paged, I don't want to take the space of those who actually animated their stuff while I made what is essentially just a slideshow.


2017-05-15 16:49:26

I see, fair enough. well keep up the "this class is trash" series then! P.S. where there any classes you liked?

Enpax responds:

I actually liked P.E. sometimes, but I never really cared for school work